Read this if you are struggling with life

There are people who are born with golden spoon and there are also people who don’t have anything to eat twice or once a day. The question is. Does it really matter.? There are other people too who lives somewhere in between these two margin lines. Its like a pendulum moving around its mean position. You can classify human race in three versions as mentioned above.

1)upper class

2)middle class

3)lower class.

  • Wait.! You must be thinking if it is something related to money or having a wealthy life. If yes then you are wrong.! The basic  purpose to write this article is not what these classes are! . It is about where do you find yourself self bound and unbound. There are millions of people around this globe, hundred of thousands people born and die a day but there are only few who mark themselves ahead of everything. No class can bound them, no hurdles can stop them, no problems can distract them.
  • Are you still here?
  • Lets come to to the point since you are still curious to know what bound and unbound is. These classes are designed! Don’t worry about it!

  • Nothing attracts this universe but dreamer who think out of the box. The box is the class you are living in, the box is people around you, the box is expectations, materialistic things around you. There is this point in your life where you think! If not than think for a while that does it worth it all? What do i have to offer myself when i die? Is it the job i am doing? Is it the bills i am paying? Or is it the car i want to buy? Name it anything. The question is? What is next? Why i am here?
  • This is the point my friend things gets worst t for a while because you are breaking the barrier.The universe has your attention now. You will feel the difference in so many ways. Lets take an example. Suppose you are moving with 100 people in a same direction, nobody is going to notice you since everyone is heading towards the same direction but suddenly you turn around, you just move against those 100 people. Now there are 200 eyes on you! Same is the case here. Nature does not notice people in magnitude or numbers. It seeks dreamers. When you grab the attention of nature the game begins
  • Level 1
  • So the the barrier is broken down. You have an infinite approach towards everything, you can not figure out what is going on. All you know is i don’t want to die like an ordinary person and thats is it.!
  • It is the basic principle of universe that every action has an opposing reaction we call it newton 3rd law and the law also works here. Nature will try to oppose you by means of bounding you.
  • Bounding you by means of reminding of rent to pay,go to the school, job, family work name it anything and there will be a point when you will lose control. People will call you will feel like giving up, there will be flashbacks from your past life that how you tried and failed. Fear will overcome your mind but hey! Hold on there!
  • Just go with the flow. Pay your bills do whatever is there to survive but never give up on what you stared.
  • Try to manage these parallel universe. The is bound by responsibilities a the other is unbound by dreams.
  • Level 2.
  • You are alone!
  • Since you decided to change the direction against thos 100 people. You grabbed the attention,brace your self for everything. Positive negative since you get in to the loop of infinite cycle of bound and unbound.
  • You are going to fail. Mark yourself ready for the failure, lead the single soul inside you. There will be a time where you will be having thousands of thoughts but no words to explain it. Fear will be the major factor and your mind will be changing in mili seconds.
  • You will be numb,you will cry, you will lock yourself is a room.
  • This is the point where you have to decide. Nature is bargaining. The inside you will start talking to you. The war inside begins and when it does my friend believe me you are on a right path. You are in a war zone with yourself, you will begin to realize it was always you who motivated you and demotivated you.
  • You were the bound unbound.
  • Everything will be crystal clear,your friends family your goal and guess what?
  • You are one step away from freedom. If you decide to fight there is nothing can bound you.
  • The infinity
  • There is no such level to describe the endings of such journey. Science says univers is still expanding after the big bang.
  • Same is the case with your brain. Level 1 or 2 were nothing but an ignition towards this great big bang inside you.the univers inside you will stard expanding and there will be no end to it.
  • You will achieve things. Nature will start showing its rewards. You will see an infinite stares of dreams and goals towards heaven,and there is nothing that can bound an expanding universe my friend. Be the unbound one but with progressive positive humble to people, stay low key when you are struggling and forgive.
  • Be patient,get up when you fall, grab your sword and get into the battle. If you win? you win the battle but if you die fighting? you die with grace and honor..

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